It’s been just under a week since I announced that The Greyfield would be published on March 1st 2019.

Pressing the “send” button on that message was a peculiarly stressful moment.  It’s one thing to idly tell people that you are writing a book, but it’s another thing to let them know exactly when it will be available to buy.  Until then everything is safely under wraps and there is the possibility of stopping and hoping that everyone forgets about it.  But, once you press the button, there is no going back.  For better or worse, the book is out there in the world, ready to face the music.  

Even thinking about it now, I can feel a surge of adrenaline – part excitement, part anxiety.

There are still a few things that need to be done between now and March 1st.  The text is having a final final final polish, the last amendments to the book cover are being made and there are a few other things regarding the launch that need a bit of attention.  But we are in good shape. 

The Greyfield is available to pre-order now on Amazon here