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Latest News


I am excited to announce that my debut novel – The Greyfield – will be released on




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Caellwyd Close is a quiet residential cul-de-sac in suburban Cardiff. Five large, modern houses built at the end of a gated, private road. This was where Danny Allen died with a strange symbol cruelly carved on his forehead.

The evidence points towards local resident Warren Conway. He has a history of violence, has been viewing occult websites and was caught on camera making late-night journeys in his van.

So why is Detective Inspector Emyr Ravenwood not convinced?

As more strange symbols are found, further deaths occur and ghosts from his own past start stirring in the shadows, Ravenwood continues with the investigation, taking risks that threaten to damage his credibility, ruin his career and destroy his family.  Will The Greyfield reveal its secret?

Assisted by his dedicated but increasingly sceptical team of investigators and the cryptic contribution of the knowledgable but erratic consultant, Dr Drake, Ravenwood takes on a case that will leave him scarred, challenge his beliefs and change his life.​

In the first book of a new series, Rowan Ides fuses elements of detective stories with supernatural themes and horror fiction to create something quite unique.  Filled with likeable characters and gentle humour, Ides’s world is equally comforting and terrifying.

Buy it from 01/03/19